Meal Number 2: Garlic Buttery rice with chicken bits and peas


Meal Number 2:

Garlic Buttery Rice with chicken bits and peas



1-2 Garlic


Two Cups of rice

Chicken Breast

Bag of Peas


How to Cook:

  1. Cut up garlic and chicken into little pieces, the size is up to your preference
  2. Once cut up, put them all together into a bowl with peas and mix with hand
  3. Apply a thin layer of oil into a pan and heat it up to HI
  4. Once heated up transfer everything from bowl on to pan
  5. Carefully watch the pan making sure garlic is caramelized and chicken is cooked thoroughly
  6. Once fully cooked start preparing rice
  7. Apply two cups of rice into a steam cooker 
  8. Apply two cups of water into rice steam cooker
  9. Transfer cooked garlic, chicken and peas into the steamer
  10. Steam cook everything for a solid 20-30 minutes
  11. Once cooked, thoroughly mix
  12. Transfer onto plate and enjoy(-:



Here is our meal of the day. For our second meal we would like to introduce our Garlic Buttery Chicken and Pea rice mix. Here we can see a meal with a mixture of things that most people want to avoid but can’t resist with your fair share of greens. We know a healthy diet is also key when living the college life and we are here to help you through it. Similar to our last meal we bring you carbs through our rice, protein through our chicken, and nutrients through our garlic and peas. Our personal favorite because the garlic buttery rice is a real simple and very delicious meal. If you are not a big garlic fan, feel free to try this same exact meal, just without the garlic. On another note, we are still accumulating the overall prices we will bring that to you later on but we have an important update. We will deliver you guys personal interviews with college students and their struggles to find reasonable priced meals in college and how some of our cooking ideas have helped them out. Make sure to stay tuned to find that on our blog! Thank you guys again for your time and interest in our book. Happy Friday

Student Review:

Sergei Chestakob, Age 19, Freshman, UC Davis-

“I enjoyed this meal because it reminded me of this fried rice dish I love from a Chinese restaurant I always go to with my friends”

“It was cheap, easy to make, just the way we like it around here”



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