Meal Number 3: Chicken Spring Rolls

Meal Number 3:

Chicken Spring Rolls

Rice noodles

Rice wraps

Shredded carrots





How to Cook:

  1. Cut or shred chicken into small pieces and place onto stove
  2. Place rice noodles a bowl or pot and microwave or cook with water until done
  3. While you wait, prepare carrots, lettuce, and cilantro by shredding into long but thin strips
  4. Once chicken and noodles are cooked place rice wraps into a bowl of water to soak up and settle
  5. Now you are ready to roll: place rice rap down on plate a set a even ratio of chicken to veggies, roll, add sriracha for flavor and enjoy!

Description: This meal was inspired by one of our members’s mother. It is a refreshing and healthy meal for under 100 calories. The ingredients are cheap and a little bit of sriracha packs a zesty and delicious kick.


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