Meal Number 6: Grilled Chicken Burger

Meal Number 6:

Grilled Chicken Burger


Grilled chicken

Sriracha, mayonnaise, and ketchup mix

Onion (Grilled or Fresh your choice)



Choice bun

Pickled Relish (Optional)


How to cook:

Chicken Burger:

  1. Spread a layer of olive oil on a pan that is preheated to HI, or if you want to enjoy a nice outdoors barbecue, set up your grill to about 350 degrees.
  2. Place chicken onto pan or grill and carefully watch it for next 3-4 minutes. Try not to flip over too many times because it will lose its fat and flavor.
  3. Once the outside it brown and cooked to your liking take off grill or pan. Since it is chicken it is good to make sure it is cooked a good amount.
  4. If Grilled onions are preferred make sure to place those on pan or grill afterwards and cook them to your liking.
  5. If you prefer your buns toasted toss them onto the grill or pan after cooking the chicken with the grease to seep the flavor into the bun

Special Sriracha Ketchup Mayo sauce:

  1. One cup of mayo
  2. One spoon full of sriracha
  3. One cup of ketchup
  4. Pickled relish (Optional but recommended)
  5. Put all into a pan and mix
  6. For extra creaminess put in one spoonful of creamer

Putting it all together:

  1. Get your buns
  2. Rub the special sauce on both top and bottom bun
  3. Layer of lettuce
  4. Layer of onions
  5. Place cooked chicken on top
  6. Layer of pickles
  7. Top it off with another layer of lettuce
  8. Then finally place top bun on top



For our second to last meal we incorporated our favorite american meal into a protein packed juicy delight of a chicken burger. Now everybody’s taste buds prefer different things so there are many alternatives to many of the ingredients on this meal plan. What our group highly recommends though is our signature sauce, the spiciness of the sriracha, the tang of the mayo, and the kick of classic ketchup create an incredible fusion in your mouth that you will not forget.  Pickled relish in the mix is also recommended for a little touch of thousand island sauce. We see another meal that will be one of your guilty pleasures. We all have those days where we crave a burger but we are watching our weight, especially in college. Here is the best alternative we can come up with. Protein packed chicken with high nutrient veggies with our pleasureful sauce. Taking a break from all that studying to possibly enjoy an outside barbecue with your friends as well. Barbecues are great social events and what better than grilling with some bros? This is one of our highly recommended meals to cook outside. Enjoy!


Student Review:

Erin Mccoy (University of Oregon):

“I wasn’t aware that any of these boys could cook but when they asked if I wanted to try a free chicken burger I couldn’t help myself, but wow I don’t know why I didn’t have these boys cook for me more often during high school. Shun was right, the sauce is super killer and I definitely want to try making this at a barbecue with my friends back at Oregon”


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