Meal Number 7: Chinese Chicken Salad

Meal Number 7:

Chinese Chicken Salad


Lettuce Pieces


Napa Cabbage

Red Cabbage


Sliced Grilled Chicken

Asian chicken salad dressing


  • Sliced almonds
  • deep fried dried noodles
  • Oranges


How to make:

  1. Get a big bowl
  2. Toss in the lettuce pieces
  3. Slice the cucumbers put in bowl
  4. Cut up napa cabbage and red cabbage into little pieces and toss them in bowl as well
  5. Slice up carrots into thin little pieces toss them in the bowl
  6. Grill Chicken as if you were making any of our other dishes
  7. Cut up the chicken into thick but small pieces, toss in bowl
  8. Put in almond pieces, oranges and dried noodles if you choose to
  9. Put an appropriate amount of dressing in bowl and mix/toss together


For our 7th and final meal we decided to make our personal favorite light, healthy meal that we all love, the Chinese chicken salad. Everything up to this meal has been packed with carbohydrates and so we wanted to move away from it for those healthy meal finders, but don’t worry meat lovers, we still have the protein you need after a long day from the grilled chicken to recover and fill your stomach. More of a simple mainstream meal compared to most of our other things but this is a quick easy meal that you could even take to go. Thank you for sticking with us on our wild ride of finding 7 cheap meals that you can cook at home! This will be our 7th and final meal.


Student Review:

“I’ve loved Chinese chicken salads my whole life, definitely my go to salad at restaurants and what not, but man these boys did a good job of fixing this thing up! Easily comparable to ones at nice restaurants, compliments to the chefs!”

-Erica Nakano (UC Davis, Freshman, 19)



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